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GOSLISOGENSTVO signed Branch agreement with trade union of workers of Forestry of Ukraine

Today, during the V-th Congress of Union of Forestry Workers of Ukraine, T. In. At. The head of the state agency of Forest Resources Christina Yushkevych and the head of the CC branch of the trade union, Stepan Kryvovylyy, signed an agreement between the Government and trade union.

Khrystyna Yushkevych noted that the agreement should promote cooperation between the enterprises of the industry, trade union and employees in matters of social and economic relations, coordination of interests of employees and owners, creation of proper working conditions of forestry workers.
“My fundamental position is that no person can be liberated without reasonable grounds.” But, if the abuse is detected – this is not a place in the forest industry,-underlined Christina Yushkevych.
The head of the department also focused on the problem of financing of enterprises of South-eastern regions of Ukraine.
«Now our attention is in conjunction with the trade union should focus on the development of proposals to create a forestry fund. This will allow to balance financing, invest in cultivation, disembarkation and protection of forests,-said T. v. Chairman of the State forestry agency.

The branch agreement is concluded between the state agency of forest Resources of Ukraine, as a body of executive power, which has appropriate powers, on the one hand, and trade union of workers of forestry of Ukraine, serving on behalf of labour collectives. Enterprises, institutions and organizations on the second hand.
The agreement is a normative act that regulates the production, labor and socio-economic relations, coordinates the interests of employees and owners on matters subject to this agreement. The agreement applies to all employees of the industry, as well as for elective and staff workers of trade union bodies.
The document aims to promote development of production, to strengthen social guarantees of workers, to ensure productive employment of workers, their social protection and to satisfy spiritual needs.