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Media about Us. Se "Kyiv forestry". About "Novorichni" saplings.
Recently, in the SE "Kyiv Forestry" We received journalists of "Inter" and "Ukraina" channels. During information messages about places of realization at forestry, about cost and legality of acquired Christmas tree we have shown how to grow and how to prepare festive...
Media about us. Se "Ivankivsky forestry".
10 August 2018 together with TV channel "ZIK" We visited the SE "Ivankivsky forestry". The question of the drying of pine is topical as ever. Specialists "Kyivforest Protection", sawmill and scientists once again gathered to convey to the public the existence of the...
Se "Boryspilsky forestry". Media about us.
On June 19, 2018 journalists of channel "Inter" visited SE "Boryspilsky forestry". Summer is the holiday season and leisure in nature, but this time of year is accompanied by some dangerous situations that can happen to any person in nature. The following is a snake bite. It is...