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Media about Us. State Enterprise "Dymersky forestry". Christmas Company continues.

In Shevchenkovskiy forestry se "Dymersky forestry" with reporters of the channel "central" and "Nash" gladly met the Department of forestry DP "Dymersky Forestry" Nina Panchenko, the Master of the Forest of Shevchenkovskiy forestry subsidiary "Dymerski" Forestry "-Mykhailo Babych and lisnicchy Shevchenko forestry se" Dymersky forestry "-Bogdan Petryshyn.

We visited near the boxes where planting material is grown to ensure the needs of forestry. Nina Viktorivna that all starts with seeds, which are harvested by the forestry. Then the spring seed is carved into the controlled environment, and in autumn or at the beginning of the next forest-cultural company transfer into an open ground.

From Bogdan Zinovyyovych we learned that New year saplings in forestry are preparing during the course of the ore care and

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