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Media about Us. Se "Kyiv forestry". About "Novorichni" saplings.

Recently, in the SE "Kyiv Forestry" We received journalists of "Inter" and "Ukraina" channels.

During information messages about places of realization at forestry, about cost and legality of acquired Christmas tree we have shown how to grow and how to prepare festive beauties.



The main lisnicchy GP "Kyiv Forestry" Yuriy Grinchenko invited journalists in a nomadic forestry to the site where the planting material is grown in a controlled environment.

We have demonstrated the plantation, the tree, which are cultivated specifically to implement them during the New Year holidays.

Sergiy Bidnosheya-lisnychy Kozinsky forestry se "Kyiv Forestry" told about the process of cultivation and care of seedlings of pine trees routine and measures of protection of new-year plantations from the Samovar Rudbok.

The leading engineer for protection and defense of the forest "Kyiv Forestry"-Vasyl Nauchuk told about the work of the raids Brigade for the protection of the pin plantings in the new year period. He noted that the forestry was created 8 brigades of forest guarding a total number of 21 people.

On the trading ground at the Koynskyy forestry se "Kyiv Forestry" Yuriy Oleksandrovych and demonstrated special means for marking pines and fir-trees that go to realization.