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Media about Us. Se "Boryspilsky forestry". All about legal trees?

"-During the course of care and special plantations prepare New Year saplings in SE" Boryspil forestry ",-said the main lisnychy se" Boryspilsky forestry "Mykhailo Bobyk.

In the spring the harvested seeds are carved into special boxes or greenhouses, where the future trees spend care and where to turn into strong seedlings.

At the age-old pine seedlings the usual and fir-tree ordinary planted in an open ground for industrial forest cultivation, or on special "New Year" plantations.

Before the new Year's holidays during the course of the care, and on plantations to ensure the needs of the population are harvested Christmas trees.

On the protection of the plantings from the samovars, during the patrol,-told the senior master of the forest Vychenskogo forestry se "Boryspil forestry" Bogdan Babiy.

Special unified facilities contain the individual number and the corresponding barcode code, which is entered into the electronic accounting system of wood. The system of EOD is made information about the supplier, its subordination and form of ownership. Checking the origin of Christmas tree is by entering the number from the unified tool, which is attached to the Christmas tree, on the site Https:// In case the information on the site is absent it may testify about the questionable origin of the tree.