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From 14 December 2018 till 09 January 2019 will be accepting documents to the Public Council at Kyiv Regional and M. Kyiv administration of forestry and Hunting Economy (hereinafter – management).

The meeting is scheduled for February 08, 2019, at 11h 00min.

Acceptance of documents will be held at: Kyiv, str.. Svyatoshinska 30, Kab 210, from 9h 00min to 17h 00min (break from 13:00 to 14:00) in addition to weekends and holidays.

Responsible persons:

Shframework Lyudmila Yurievna (044) 451-20-00;

We inform that for participation in the meeting on the formation of personal composition of the public Council in the management of the Initiative group the application is submitted in any form, signed by the authorized person of the governing body of the Institute of Civil Society.

The application is included:

-The decision taken in the order established by the constituent documents of the Institute of Civil Society, about the delegation to participate in the Constituent Assembly of the representative who is simultaneously a candidate to elect to the Public Council in the management, Certified seal;

-Biographical Certificate of the delegated representative of the Institute of Civil society indicating its name, position, place of work, positions at the Institute of Civil society, contact information;

-a copy of the statement from the unified State Register of enterprises and organizations and extract from the Statute (position) of the Institute of Civil society on the purposes and tasks of its activity, certified in the prescribed manner;

-Information about receiving the Institute of Civil Society as the owner of the personal data base of its members the consent of the delegated representative to the processing of its personal data;

-Information about the results of activity of the Institute of Civil Society (information on the conducted events, completed projects, executed programs, printed publications, presentation of the Institute of Civil Society of written justified proposals And remarks on the formation and implementation of State policy in forestry and public information, etc.) during the year to the day of application submission (if the Institute of Civil society has been working for less than a year – for the period activity);

-Information about location and e-mail address of Institute of Civil society, contact telephone number;