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Commodity Exchange "capital" conducts auction in electronic form with the use of electronic trading system of SE liac on sale of raw wood, harvested in the I-th quarter of 2019, forestry enterprises of Kiev Regional and M. Kyiv management of forestry and hunting economy, namely:

  • December 27, 2018, at 10-00 in accordance with the established schedule will begin auction auctions on sale of raw softwood species;
  • December 28, 2018, at 10-00 in accordance with the established schedule will begin auction auctions on sale of unprocessed hardwood wood.


To participate in the auction you need to register in the electronic trade system to conclude a contract with the commodity exchange "capital", fulfill the requirements of the Regulations of the organization and conduct auctions on sale of raw wood on the exchange "capital" and apply . Auctions are held in electronic form using e-trading system.


Information on the current auctions on sale of raw wood you can get from the news exchange "capital".

Attention! The amount of remuneration of the stock exchange "capital" for organizing and carrying out auctions on sale of raw wood billets and quarter of 2019 year is 0.45% interest from the cost of purchased a participant of lots.



To conclude a contract with the organizer, the participants submit to the organizer in person or by means of e-mail and electronic connection following documents:


  • Copy of the statement or extract from the unified State Register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and public formations, which contains actual information, and if necessary – notarized copy of Certificate of State registration of legal entity or Individual entrepreneur;
  • Copy of constituent documents, and if necessary – their notarized copy;
  • A copy of the document on registration of the taxpayer;
  • A copy of the document confirming the status of VAT or single tax payer;
  • Copy of certificate, signed by the head of entity on the volume of actually recycled raw wood for the previous quarter, certified by seal;
  • Copy of the document confirming the appointment of the manager and its authority (decree, decision, etc.);
  • Copy of Passport and certificate about conferment of identifying tax number (registration number of tax payer);
  • A copy of the document confirming the authority of an authorized person (in case of submitting documents other than the person's manager);
  • Copy of passport and certificate of Identification tax number (registration number of the taxpayer's accounting card) (in case of submitting documents other than the manager of the person);
  • Contract with the organizer, signed by the participant in duplicate, with a stamp of his seal (if any).


Copies of documents for participation in the auction shall be signed by the manager or authorized person and certified properly.

Note! No contract with the organizer and access to the electronic trading system does not entitle the participant to participate in an electronic auction.




Please acquaint yourself with video instructions for training.

  1. Registration in the electronic trading system

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  1. Submitting applications for participation

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  1. Review of applications, guarantee dues

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  1. E-Auction

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  1. Auction Certificates

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Participants who require additional clarification on the technical part of the electronic trading system, please call the technical Support Service by Numbers: – (044) 227-50-53, (067) 403-96-45 or send messages to e-mail: (Hours: Mon – Fri from 8.00 till 17.00).








Filing applications for purchase


Applications are submitted by electronic trading system using your personal access parameters (login, password).


After submitting the application, please:

Pay size

Registration fee, which constitutes 800 (eight hundred) hrn. Including VAT and warranty fee, which is 5% (excluding VAT)

By the following requisites: Recipient: Commodity Exchange "Stolitsa", Egrpou 40953426, p/p № 26000015854401 in PJSC "Alfa-Bank" in Kyiv, MFO 300346.



Scanned payment documents confirming the transfer of hardening and registration fees must be directed to the e-mail address:

Registration and guarantee fees, as well as other payments shall be credited to the specified organizer of the account in specified notification of auction terms.


Additional information on the auction can be obtained at 01133, Kyiv, Pecherskiy District, Blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, House 34, Office 23, or by phone:

The question of participation in the auction-+ 38 (097) 539-62-86, + 38 (099) 411-62-60.
Electronic auction Technical Issues-(044) 227-50-53, (067) 403-96-45,

Financial Issues: + 38 (099) 411-62-61