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In Kyiv Oblast and the city of Kyiv forestry and hunting economy was held by the board.

December 06, 2018, under the chairmanship of the head of Kyiv regional and M. Kyiv management of Forest and hunting economy (hereinafter – management) Oleksiy Boyko, First deputy head of department, Ruslan Gusenko, deputy Čalnika of management of Taras Vaskiv, deputy chief of Department of Oleksandr Tsytsyvra and The head of the Kyiv regional organization of trade union Workers of Forestry Larisa Degtyarr, chairman of the Public Council at the management of Oleh Beregovi and heads of the subordinate management of the enterprises held the board.

The chief specialist of the Department of Forest Resources of Ukraine, which took place on November 29, 2018 and report on the status of work on the legal Ensure.


In accordance with paragraph 2 of the general provisions on Legal Service of the Ministry, another body of executive power, the State enterprise, institutions and organizations, legal services are established at 14 enterprises, at 10 enterprises legal services are provided According to the concluded agreements with law firms and legal associations.

Considering that from 01.01.2019 year representation in courts of all instances can be carried out exclusively by prosecutors and attorneys, legal counsel of three management companies are in the process of obtaining the status of attorneys, the certificate of attorney already have Legal counsel of four enterprises.

reported that as of 01.12.2018 in proceedings of courts of all instances there are 195 cases, including: 141 A court case (73% of the total number of litigation) on the return of land plots of unlawful possession  Total area of 11001.9 hectares.

In general, the results of the lawsuit conducted during 2018. Management is satisfied with 27 actions, including 22 claims regarding the return of land plots to state property with a total area of 122.82 hectares.

He has familiarized the present on the status of work with debtors and volumes of receivables on the terms of formation, as well as existing overdue and debited receivables.

According to the approved plan in 2018, 4 inspections of the legal work of Subdepartmental enterprises were conducted, during the year two production meetings on legal issues were conducted.

Attention was paid to the heads of the enterprises on the requirements of the orders of State forestry from 16.11.2018, № 968 and management from 23.11.2018 year № 105 "on approving the plan of measures for conducting in 2018 the Allukrainian Week of law", in accordance with The period from 10-14.12.2018 of all enterprises should be held measures for the implementation and protection of human rights.

On each of the covered issues adopted appropriate protocol solutions.

On the transition to national standards of wood quality, harmonised with European, was reported by the head of forest resources sector Dmitry Levkovich.

He stressed that the forest community of the State and economic structures, which use in wood production, starting from January 1, 2019, will need to use national standards, harmonised with European, in which substantially altered Approaches to determination of high-quality characteristics in timber materials.

If now the wood in Ukraine is divided into three grades (I, II, III) and has a number of varieties (purposes), then from 2019 year will be distributed to four quality classes (A, B, C, D), as well as in European countries.

New national standards, harmonised with European, developed by the Technical Committee of Ukraine for Standardization of forest resources TC 18 "forest resources" and approved by SE "Ukrainian Research and Training Center of standardization problems" , Certification and quality».

In particular, the eight standards (Dstu EN) Classification of quality for coniferous and deciduous forest materials (fir and fir trees; pine; larch and yew; oak and beech; poplar; ash, maple and yavir), as well as classification of size for deciduous and softwood .

Currently, five standards and nine technical conditions are being developed, specified and approved.

Among the main principles of classification according to the European System of standardization the following:

-In the European System of standardization of timber round adopted 10 groups of diameters, but not usual for us 3 groups;

-Groups of diameters take into account only the measurement of logs according to the middle diameter in a crust or without bark (for agreement with the consumer);

-The principle of classification according to the European System of standardization of timber is not based on assigning of grades, and at the base of it – the indexes of size and quality of logs; Larger diameter and minimal content of wood defects in the set of increments – higher quality class;

-to class quality and it is accepted to include timber of the highest quality class, which in most form from the bottom of the deck, with pure wood or with minor defects, which do not restrict its use;

-The class of quality in the accepted timber of the middle class of quality, without special requirements to clean wood and soups within the middle value for each breed;

-A class of quality C is accepted to include timber below the middle class of quality, which are allowed those defects that do not significantly reduce the natural properties of wood, as material;

-grade D must be attributed to the timber, which does not satisfy any of the quality classes A, B, C, but from which the lumber can be obtained for further use;

-All other round timber, of which the impossible to get lumber for public use, should be classified as:

а) Wood wood for industrial use, length 2.0-4, 0 meters (production of a crack of technological or fuel purpose, woodlogs on the fuel wood, etc.);

b) Wood wood for non-industrial use, length up to 2.0 meters (can be realized by individuals and legal entities as fuel).

The transition to national standards, harmonised with European, is stipulated by the Government's resolution "on approving the program of activity of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine" from 09.12.2014 year № 695 and in accordance with the order of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Research and Training Center of Problems of standardization, certification and quality» from 14.12.2015 year № 184.